Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. and Thomas Phifer & Partners

The MVVA Team, led by Michael Van Valkenburgh and Thomas Phifer, brings together professionals aiming to, “create an exciting and humane landscape that will be critical to great city life in Austin.”

The team feels strongly that, “this project is far too complex to resolve with a single sweeping design gesture or by simplifying the creek to an idealized prior condition.” They aim to, “seize this moment to create a place that is provocative, yet essentially Austinian in spirit by unleashing the dynamic beauty of a reinvented water course and infusing it with the right mix of economic and social attractors that will shape the city’s evolving identity.”

Statement of Team Qualifications (pdf)

Fully Integrated Design  Team:

** An Austin, Texas, based firm.
  * A satellite office in Austin, Texas.

  • Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
  • Thomas Phifer & Partners
  • Greenberg Consultants
  • Ted Zoli – HNTB
  • Development Strategies
  • Metcalfe, Wolff, Stuart & Williams LLP **
  • LimnoTech *
  • Applied Ecological Services
  • ETM Associates LLC
  • Public Art Fund
  • Oscar Tuazon
  • Project Projects
  • Tillett Lighting Design
  • DWG **
  • Joshua Long **
  • Big Red Dog **
  • Davey Resource Group *