CMG and Public Architecture

The CMG and Public Architecture Team, led by Willett Moss and John Peterson, intends to create, “a landscape authentic in its manifestation of Austin’s Character.”

The team proposes, “a Score for Regeneration and Curation […] set upon a robust physical and ecological foundation.” Along with their full team of specialists in, “immersive, digital, traditional and atypical engagement, [they] will make Waller Creek a new model for urban regeneration that is rooted in the culture of the city.”

Statement of Team Qualifications (pdf)

Fully Integrated Design  Team:

** An Austin, Texas, based firm.
  * A satellite office in Austin, Texas.

  • CMG
  • Public Architecture
  • Biohabitats
  • ARUP
  • Urban Design Group **
  • Hicks and Company **
  • Scott and Lauren Ogden *
  • Enotech Engineering **
  • Kimley-Horn **
  • Dan Cheetham **
  • Community Land Use and Economics Group
  • ETM Associates
  • Capitol Market Research **
  • Art Alliance Austin **
  • Cheryl Haines and For-Site
  • Austin Community Design and Development Center **
  • Media and Place
  • Pentagram *